Green Seal Approved

There are a lot of companies saying their products are “green” without offering any information on exactly why their products are green or environmentally friendly. When Renew Power Clean utilizes the “Green Leaf” logo on a product, it meets a certain set of standards.

All solvents in our product line are plant based. Our cleaning products contain no VOC’s, no Butyl’s, and no Hazardous Solvents. It exceeds the guidelines for environmentally preferable products and most importantly it brings you the superior performance you expect from Renew Power Clean. Our cleaning product line will make the cleaning job easier and our health-conscious customers happy.

At Renew PowerClean, we utilize natural/organic cleaning products. These products are plant based complex biodegradable surfactants and green organic solvents. It is our intention to help you maintain a safe and clean home and work environment. We strive to keep your image looking good with clean carpets with paying attention to your indoor air quality by using Green Seal Products and the Butler Cleaning System.

Green Clean Seal of Approval
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